Wednesday, 5 April 2017

There's A Snake In My Boot!

So back in January I decided I was going to throw my husband a 30th birthday party. He utterly adores Toy Story so, the theme was chosen and the date was set but just how do you throw a Toy Story party for a 30 year old?

I can't lie, I spent hours upon hours searching for this party. I wanted it to have his favourite Pixar film all over it but without looking like a kids party. As it turns out Toy Story party stuff is actually either super expensive to buy or you have to craft it all yourself, I decided to do a bit of both! 

I spent a fair few twilight hours in-between night feeds falling into a Pinterest hole. Most parties on there are for 2 or 3 year olds so even though I came across some fantastic free printables, most of them were customisable up to the ages of 9. I didn't want to try and craft too much as dealing with a new born and trying to craft is almost impossible.

I was able to find some seriously cool printables that weren't really based on age, more Toy Story itself, such as these fantastic standing characters and little squares. I spent what felt like forever gluing the printed paper onto cardstock and then cutting them out but I think the result was really worth it. I sellotaped the paper squares onto tooth picks and used them to put into the food, it added to the theme without seeming too childish and they got a fab response too.

Actual decorating wise, instead of opting for Toy Story balloons I decided to go with the colour themes, that way it wasn't so childish but still went with the theme. I opted for red, yellow, blue and cow print balloons and matched it in with the same colour table cloths. I brought all of it on Ebay for around £7 in total and I think it worked really well!

I wanted a photobooth at the party. No party is really complete without one any more are they? This was a crafting triumph for me despite the fact it took me utter hours! I brought an extra table cloth and then brought up an image of Andy's wallpaper on Google. I traced some of the clouds out and then cut out, what felt like, hundreds of clouds. I glued them onto a blue table cloth and there was a my Andy's room wallpaper background!
I then popped to The Range and picked up a red cardboard posterboard, I then cut out the middle and traced the Etch A Sketch logo and made a giant Etch A Sketch frame! I then got some brilliant free printouts via Pinterest for props and I was ready to go!

I also brought a few more pieces online such as Buzz Lightyear cups, Woody Napkins and foil hanging decorations just to add a bit more oompft to my theme! I also brought some paper straws and added photos of the characters onto them for another added layer of Toy Story joy.

I think all my time and effort was worth it, as the party went down well with plenty of sore heads the next day. I made some pitchers of Sex Of The Beach cocktails and I know a few of the guests continued to make their own throughout the evening!
I think the hubby enjoyed his birthday too!

What do you think the theme?
Until next time,


  1. Wow - you went to such a lot of effort. I don't think I could have been bothered - haha. I sound awful, don't I?! It looks great - I'm sure your hubby really appreciated it, too! x x

  2. You are like the best party thrower!! This is such a good theme and you picked out all the bits perfectly!


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