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Kat Von D Beauty Lust List

I bought my first Kat Von D palette in Florida last year, before they were available in the UK and I was sold from the moment I spotted the stand in Sephora. It's now a firm staple in my makeup bag and I can't imagine my life without it so I thought I'd share my Kat Von D Lust List!

I reckon I could easily walk in to Debenhams and spend a good £200 on Kat Von D makeup. I know there's a massive hype around it because of who she is but it is incredible stuff. My shade and light contour palette is miles ahead of any other contour makeup I've tried. It's super pigmented, lasts all day and a little goes along way. I nearly cried when I hit the bottom of the pan in one of the light shades but I'm so utterly grateful I'll be able to get my paws on another one once I'm out. You can read my full review on the contour palette here - Shade And Light Review

Kat Von D Lust List

These are the top products I want to try or repurchase. I can't lie I basically want the entire collection but a girl can dream right?
I'm still to find my dream foundation but I've read such amazing things about the Lock It Liquid Foundation that I really want to get my hands on it. I think the amount of different shades is amazing and as I usually struggle to find a good match, I think this might be my answer! If I have the foundation then I might aswell go for the concealer too! Since having my tiny human I go through tubes of the stuff so to find one that lasts and stays put would be perfect.
Liquid eyeliner is my jam, I never leave the house without it so this Tattoo Liner is right up my street. I adore cat eyes and it's my go to look so the amazing reviews of this bad boy makes me want it SO bad.
I've also heard so many amazing things about the lipstick range from Kat Von D. I'm not usually a lipstick wearer as it makes me super self conscious that it's on my teeth or smeared down my chin but I'm all for finding one that stays put AND comes in a range of incredible colour choices.
As I have oily prone skin I love the idea of the setting powder. I usually finish my makeup with setting powder so to find one that really helps keep me matte would be fab. I know this one has some mixed reviews but I'd still love to give it a shot.
Finally the setting mist, I currently use Makeup Revolution's one and I do notice a difference on the days I wear it vs the days I don't however once my bottle is done, I don't think I will repurchase. I don't feel like it makes a massive difference and I still have to touch my makeup during the day, again I've done my research and seen some fantastic reviews for it so it might just have to be my next makeup setting purchase!

So there we have it. My current lust list! What's your favourite item?

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  1. I've never used anything from this brand, but it seems like they've got a good range of items.


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