Saturday, 15 July 2017

Next Sale 2017 Baby Edition

I've never bothered with the Next sales before, I know you're probably thinking WHAT but it's never been my kinda thing but now I have a baby in tow and he's growing out of clothes at an alarming rate, I thought I'd pop along and see what it was all about.

Next Sale 2017 Baby Edition

My little dude is 7 months old but is already in some 12-18 month clothes, so I went with the idea of buying everything too big so he can wear them probably come Christmas/spring. I have to admit I got there at around half 10 and expected everything to be gone but was surprised by just how full up the racks still were.
I spent a grand total of £85 and got £172 worth of clothing, not a bad saving at all!

I brought 6 pairs of trousers which consisted of 4 pairs of jeans in various colours and designs and 2 pairs of combats in tan and in camo. I brought all the trousers in 1 1/2 to 2 years as he seems to grow out of trousers the quickest.

I picked up a pack of 3 long sleeve tops with different designs on, perfect for the chiller days and with winter looming ever closer and I picked him up two shirts and a polo shirt too. I couldn't help myself with the tiny shirts, these will be perfect for his birthday and Christmas!

The final tops I brought him were a long sleeved polo, a super cute jumper and a t-shirt with a dinosaur design. The dinosaur even has little spikes that pop off the sleeve!
I could have easily spent hundreds with the variety on offer. There was so much to choose from that me and hubby were in there for almost an hour.

So what did I pick up in the Next sale?
Well, er, two 75p vanilla and almond candles haha! I always forget to pick myself stuff when I'm baby clothes shopping, plus everything looks so much cuter when it's baby sized!

Did you get any bargains in the sale?

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  1. These are the sweetest bits! I adore the dinosaur tee! I've picked up cute bits for friends babies in Next before - they always seem to have lovely bits and pieces.

  2. Some fab bits, Rowan is slowing down now so a bit easier clothes buying. He has his next size up wardrobe ready to go. Love the long sleeve polo top. H and M is also fab xx

    Stacey |


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