Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Camping, Discovering New Bands & A Very Long Drive - Bloodstock Festival

I haven't been to a festival in around 8 years now. I hate camping and the sheer thought of having to live in a tent for days on end is enough to put me off going but a few weeks ago I won tickets to Bloodstock Festival thanks to Scuzz so it was goodbye creature comforts and hello heavy metal.

If you've never heard of Bloodstock Festival, it's a relatively small festival of 15,000, that is held in Catton Park Walton On Trent. It's a metal festival like no other due to it's small size, family friendly approach and fantastic layout.

I've been to multiple Download Festival's and what get's me every single time, is the sheer amount of people. The last year I went I had a 40 min walk from the car to my camp and then another 35 min walk from my camp to the main stage. Don't get me wrong, I adore Download and it will always hold a dear place in my heart but Bloodstock was so much more 'compact' and from my tent to the main stage took us a mere 5 min walk.

Due to childcare and work commitments I couldn't head up until Saturday morning so got up early (I said goodbye to my baby for the first time I'd ever left him for more than 6 hours!!) and drove the 200 mile journey to pure metal bliss.
I suck at reading maps, I'll be honest. I some how managed to set the map to the wrong place and I ended up going an extra 50ish miles, through various country lanes and tiny villages before Bloodstock appeared as if by magic before us. I was immediately shocked at how compact the whole site was and couldn't wait to get through the gates.

Once we had parked up and picked up our tickets, we were in! We set up our tent as quickly as possible and headed to the main area where the bands, stalls and bars were to explore our new home for the next few days. 

First thing we did meant we headed straight to the mainstage to catch the end of King 810 as sadly we'd missed Havok unpacking and getting our tickets. Due to the smaller size of this festival, the sound was incredible. It was a fantastic layout with stages all being close, food and clothes stalls everywhere and even an art gallery with some incredible pieces inside. 

Food wise, you're spoilt for choice and the prices weren't bad either. I ended up heading to the Chinese for some veggie noodles (my festival staple) and I received loads for a mere £6. Bloodstock even gave away free 500ml refillable water pouches, so that really helped with keeping hydrated as it did get really hot at times.

The general feel of Bloodstock is unlike one I've experienced before, there was an 80 year old lady rocking out to Ghost in front of me and a tiny 4 month old baby behind me with her parents. Everyone was lovely, I didn't once worry about my belongings or walking around the site alone. 
It really has made my jump back into camping at festivals a brilliant one and I cannot wait to return next summer, with my tiny one in tow.

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time. My little brother used to go to Download regularly and his stories always horrified me!! X


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