Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Outdoor Play Area Ideas

My tiny guy is a proper boy. He loves nothing more than shaking stuff, rolling about and getting involved. His first birthday is rapidly approaching and as we don't live in walking distance of a play park, I've been putting together some ideas for when he's a bit older for a home play area.

I've already purchased him some squishy floor mats and pop up tents and tunnels, not to mention a ball pit but I'm looking more towards the 'bigger' toys such as swings, slides and see saws. 

My back garden is completely grassed and the space I have available in my driveway is currently covered in stones. I think I'd like to swap the stones for some rubber flooring which will not only give me peace of mind but also give him a softer landing when he falls over.

I like the idea of the bigger, more permanent sets compared the smaller, replaceable plastic ones. Not only would it be fab for him but any other kids we may have and their friends when they come over. It also means they'd have their own space in the garden for a good 10+ years before I would have to worry about getting rid of it. 

I know I have fond memories of those blue plastic slides and the plastic garden swings that weren't properly put in so if you went to high one leg would come out the ground, so I'd love to give him the opportunity to have some great memories of playing at home too but with how far children's toys have come, it'd be nice to buy a proper quality piece.

Outdoor Toys

Do you have an outdoor play area? I'd love to hear your reviews on items you've purchased!

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  1. We were lucky when we moved in as we have a big play frame with slides and swings. We purchased Rowan a baby swing but he likes the big boy one. He can do the slide but not on his own so he has a little tikes cube. One fave they both love is their Little Tikes Pirate water play table. They love this. I love on Pinterest the idea of a sectioned off child's garden and make all colourful then have a move adult section too. Like the idea of rubber floor, they had done bark and is a pain in the bum, was going to grass it over but is concrete underneath

    Stacey |


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