Monday, 11 September 2017

Autum & Winter Beauty Trends*

How am I already discussing autumn and winter trends? How have we already had so many weird eyebrow related trends for autumn already?! I adore autumn and winter beauty trends, the return of darker shades and any excuse to buy more makeup is a winner for me!

Autumn & Winter Beauty Trends

It's not a big secret that I'm a bit of a Goth, I live for black eyeliner and dark lips so I'm always over the moon when autumn finally arrives and 2017 doesn't look like it's going to dissappoint me.

If you love textured hair, well it's back! So you don't need to worry about that windswept look this winter as you'll be bang on trend by the time you get to the office. Win, win right? If your in need of a few bits to help you get that perfect look one way is to visit the professionals who use products like the ones on . You'll also be in luck if you love deep side partings and bright coloured hair! I'm a massive fan of crazy coloured hair (I still have bright purple and pink in mine!) so I'm overjoyed to see it carry on into the year.

Gorgeous dark berry lips are back in fashion but with a twist, imperfection is now what to aim for with a 'just snogged' feel. They were all over the Vogue cat walk! Personally I don't think the 'vamp' lip will ever truly leave us but not having to be so perfect will deffo save me some serious time!

On that vamp look, think back to those early 2000's, remember that super thick black eyeliner? Well it's back baby! Now I just need to get a serious side fringe cut back in and find my MCR hoodie....

However this autumn/winter has already thrown out some seriously weird beauty 'trends' that I just can't get my head around! Wavy lips and eyebrows anyone? I personally can't see the appeal and can someone please explain to me how your meant to plait your eyebrows? Seriously, when I was a teen the rage was pencil thin eyebrows so my natural brows have taken a battering over the years and I'm not sure there's even enough there to even truly call an eyebrow let alone be able to plait! 

My autumn and winter beauty must have though is a good moisturiser. Seriously that winter air and heating can dry your skin out so quickly! I tend to moisturiser twice a day during the winter months as now I live by the sea I have really noticed the difference in my skin. I'm also never caught without a lip balm in my bag either as salty air is lethal on the ole pout!

What beauty trends are you looking forward too this autumn and winter?

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  1. I am so looking forward to A/W! I can't wait to get out all the berry lip colours!

    Emily xo


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