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Dreamland Octopus's Garden Review

As play groups still aren't back yet, I decided to spend my morning in sunny Margate to visit the one and only Dreamland. Sadly this wasn't a trip for myself but a little treat for my mini human and our first visit to the Octopus's Room!

Dreamland Margate Octopus's Garden Review

I haven't been to Dreamland for at least 12 years, I think I was 16 the last time I went. Despite living only a few miles away I haven't been since it re-opened but I've been super excited to do so! 

On arrival I decided to have a walk around the park and I wasn't dissappointed. Long gone are the tired looking rides and old shabby seats, in it's place are some amazing specticals such as the massive Dreamland sign (think the Hollywood sign and you're there...), gorgeous food trucks selling incredible food from vegan to candyfloss and the most noticable new addition; a stage. It really is a mile away from what it used to be but they've managed to keep capture the new with the old by keeping the old wooden rollercoaster and the mouse ride!

Dreamland Margate Sign

Now I've never felt the need to review a soft play before but the few I have been too aren't anything compared to this! Initially I wasn't sure where to go, there are kiosks everywhere but they all just state the prices for everything, so I thought I had to que up there (it was heaving as it was school holidays too!) but if you go indoors next to the rollerskating rink, the Octopus's Garden is next to there and you can simply pay at the door, which makes life so much easier!

As tiny dude is only 8 months old, it didn't cost us anything to get in, we simply signed in and the lady at the front desk was super helpful and explained that any additional adults would be £1 each, total bargain compared to other places I've looked at!

Dreamland Octopus's Garden Entrance

Once inside I'm not sure who was more excited, me or him! There is just so much to see and do that you are spoilt for choice. A circus room, a makeup room (with vanity's to die for!), a dress up room full of various costumes, a chalk room, a soft play with ball pit, a fish and chip shop, a library, two beach areas with sand, a garden shed, beach huts, a punch and judy style hut, a grassy hill and a 'jungle jim' playground. All come complete with matching toys; fake food, real books, sands and spades and sit on soft play toys! It really is something else.

Dreamland Octopus's Garden Seaside Sandpit

While I was there, I ordered food. I've read reviews that food prices and quality in the garden aren't great but personally I didn't find this at all. I ended up buying a £3.95 jacket potato with beans and a side salad and a bottle of diet coke which was £2, not the punch to the pocket I was expecting and I can't say anything bad about it! The food was lovely and the catering staff were lovely and very friendly too!

I spent around 2 hours inside Octopus's Garden and I can't wait to go back. I know my little human had a good time as he slept the whole way home in the car, so definately a win win situation! It's such a well thought out and looked after place that I can't wait to go back time and time again.

Dreamland Octopus's Garden Beach Hut

If your in the area of Margate and have tiny bubbas (or under 8's) I can't reccommend it enough for a place to go. It really did over exceed my expectations!

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  1. This looks amazing! I used to go to
    dreamland with my grandparents and the Royal British Legion on coach trips. Loved it there! Looks fab for kiddies too and great prices. We go to soft play but drinks and food are double the entry amount xx

    Stacey |


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