Monday, 13 August 2018

Date Night Ideas When You Have Children*

As any parent knows, once that bundle of joy appears the nights out and date nights seem to become somewhat fleeting. We are lucky if we get out once a month as childcare isn't always available so I decided to share with you some of my date night ideas for when you have children that you can enjoy without even leaving the house!

Don't get me wrong, date nights out are great but everyone knows staying in is the new going out, so there's really no reason that being indoors should stop and enjoyable evening!

Once my son is in bed we love a good movie night. Netflix is our go too, we've finally finished Orange Is The New Black and we are still working out way through IZombie but there's nothing like watching a film you haven't seen before! We get a massive tub of popcorn, put a ban on our social media scrolling and enjoy sometime just relaxing!

Everyone loves a night at the casino or bingo don't they? Having a flutter online can be a great evening in, there's nothing like getting competitive with your partner and seeing who can win the most. There's a fab website that lets you check online casinos in the uk  so you can find the one that works best for you! Who knows you might even win enough for a cheeky takeaway for your next date night in!

Missing the fine dining element? Why not plan and cook a three course meal? (Or order a takeaway haha) nothing like having your fave food cooked exactly as you like it! I always find dessert is the best bit and no one's gonna judge you if you end up eating the whole ice cream tub!

One of my personal highlights of date night indoors is being able to do it in my PJs. Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up for a night out but after a long day with my little one there's nothing better than getting into my PJs and enjoying some quality time with my husband.

Do you have any stay in date night ideas? I'd love to hear em!

*collaborative post


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