Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Disneyland Paris Snack Packs

I head off to Disney in a few days. To say I'm excited is a slight understatement, lets just say I've been singing Disney songs at an alarming rate, I'd even go as far as saying my toddler is sick of the sight of my Disney Life subscription! With this in mind one of the biggest sub threads of any Disney forum is what to do about snacks? Fear no longer, I am Queen of the snacks and thought I'd share what we take in ours!

I love a snack. I mean, who doesn't love a snack? Packing snack packs for our visits is probably one of my favooouurrriiitteee things to do in prep of Disney. 

Food prices are pretty eye watering inside the park and a bottle of Coke can set you back 3.50 so taking a few pieces of munch or some of that concentrated squash to put into bottles of water can really help!

This year we've decided to upgrade our visit and go club level. We're booked in at Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest which means not only do we still get the perks on staying on site such as extra magic house (EMH), a 15 min walk rather than getting on shuttles and the joy of being in a themed hotel but we also get our own lounge, check in, afternoon tea and unlimited hot and cold drinks. To top it all off we decided to opt for the half board plus as we were full board last time but found it was just too much food.

So without any further introduction here are our snack packs;

Thrilling right?

We've done one for myself and husband and one for our son as he's the hungriest toddler in the world and would spend 99% of his day eating given half a chance. 
In our snack packs we have a bag of crisps/savoury biscuits each, a packet of choc gems (cause I'm pretty such I could actually survive off the tasty little buggers) and two chocolate bars each.
Our son has a bag of mini breadsticks, a soft fruit filled oat bar, a bag of savoury biscuits and we will pack enough bananas for him for one a day too. 

With all this said of course, we are going to buy into the Mickey shaped treats and splurge of a few things but by doing this it means we have more money to spend on things we want (hellooooo park only Pandora....). We will probably end up buying a few meals too as one of our days we are booked in for lunch as it was the only time slot available but nothing too extravagant and eating at Disney doesn't have to be super expensive with the choices of Earl Of Sandwich, McDonalds and Five Guys.

In need of more ideas for snack packs? Individually wrapped anythings. Cake bars, cereal bars, mini fruit loaves, real fruit such as apples, oranges and bananas, crisps, mini packets of biscuits, savoury snacks, rice cakes, chocolate bars, homemade flapjacks or rice crispy cakes.... the list really is endless!

What do you take? I'd love to hear about your adventures!



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