Saturday, 15 September 2018

Gel Nails With Superdrug

I'm part of an amazing group called Punky Moms and recently Superdrug got in touch and offered us the chance to work with them. Us blogger folk got a voucher to go and get a treatment of our choice from Superdrug themselves and as I was heading off on my holidays I decided to opt for some lush gel nails as I just don't usually get the chance!

Superdrug Gel Nails

Self care isn't selfish but with kids it certainly is harder to come by. As I am a stay at home mum it's very rare I even get to pee on my own let alone have time to go have a treatment done but thankfully I managed to grab a few hours and headed over to Superdrug at Westwood Cross in Broadstairs. 

My nails are generally a state, I can't lie. I used to pride myself on my perfectly manicured nails that I would change at least 3 times a week but now they are usually chipped from the onslaught of getting a toddler in and out of a car seat or changing multiple nappies a day! So I decided to spend my gifted voucher on a set of gel nails.

I headed into Superdrug and was seen straight away, the whole process took around 45 mins and I had a lovely girl who was new doing my nails. I opted to have black with a silver glitter on my ring finger and the whole experience was a good one. My nails were filed into my desired shape and length then the process of gel began. She applied three layers of black polish and then they were baked under the UV light for a minute, she then added the glitter top coat to my ring fingers.  I love how glossy and smooth the final result is!

I decided to go for gel nails as I'm on holiday for two weeks, I've been at Disneyland for the last week and I head off again to Butlins next week and gel are hard wearing and long lasting. However a week in I've got some definite chipping and one nail is even peeling off from my actual nail which is a bit disappointing. They've lasted me a week, not the 3-4 I was hoping for.

Overall I was really pleased with the level of service and final result of my nails but I don't know if I'd return to have it done again as it just hasn't lasted me as long as I anticipated or expected.

Have you had a treatment at Superdrug before?



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