Thursday, 18 October 2018

I Tripped, Landed On The Laptop And Booked Disney......Twice

It happens to the best of us right? Ya know your casually watching TV while scrolling the interwebs when you somehow get pushed off the sofa and before you know it, during your attempt to get up off the floor, you've managed to book two more trips to Disneyland Paris!? It's a thing isn't it? I'm asking for a friend...........

Yeah, that friend is me.

I've gotta admit it. I've booked not one but TWO more trips to Disneyland. I don't even know what to say really, except that I keep shouting we're going to Disneyland every 30 minutes.

So we head off in 50ish days to be there over the gorgeous but usually bitterly cold Christmas season. I said last year I'd never do Disney at Christmas again because I can't even describe how cold it is BUT it's so magical! There's Christmas trees, giant mickey shaped Christmas decorations, lights, the characters are dressed up in their Christmas attire and it just feels so special.
This time we've booked with a company we've never used before and we're going to a hotel we've never been too before, Santa Fe. We got such a good deal that it would have been rude to not book it, so it's our Christmas pressie this year!
We head off for two nights, three days just before my son turns 2 so a similar time as last year. We've got half board but we get breakfast as quick service. We hated quick service so we've made sure we have enough money to be able to top up in the hotel so we can have a buffet breakfast.
Another new thing for us is we haven't opted for Photopass this time we are just going to ask Cast Members to take photos on our phones. I know Photopass has a lot of mixed reviews but personally we adore it, it allows us to not worry about who's phone has what on or having to purchase expensive ride photos, we simply get them all.

The second trip I've booked is a while away yet (so I don't feel too bad haha), Halloween next year. I've booked the start of October 2019 so we get the best prices and still get to see it all spooky! Personally Halloween is my favourite season to visit Disney with it's giant Mickey head pumpkins, Villians and loads of Halloweeny merchandise.
For Halloween we've booked Newport Bay Compass Club, while we've stayed at Newport Bay before we've never stayed club level there and we adored being Golden Forest club level at Sequioa. Club level perks include hotel fast passes, afternoon snacks, unlimited free soft drinks, a private lounge, hotel breakfast, faster check in and nicer rooms. Although you don't spend that much time in your hotel room we do find we use the perks and it's lovely being able to unwind in a private lounge with free drinks after a busy day in the parks.
We've also rebooked Plaza Gardens character breakfast as we loved it so much during our last trip in September! We met Mickey, Daisy, Scrooge, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger and the interaction was fab. It was lovely being able to keep the toddler entertained with eating his breakfast while we waited for them to visit us too!

So there we have it, I'm a full blown Disney addict and I just can't hide it!


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