Friday, 2 November 2018

Getting The House Ready For Christmas*

It's almost that time of year. I can already smell the Christmas candles and I've got a Christmas tree theme in mind! This is my 3rd Christmas in a house that I actually own *squeee* and now the majority of the redecoration is over, I'm going to make it the best one everrrr

I know it's only just November but I'm already wishing the month away, we have so many exciting plans for December like my sons 2nd birthday, Disneyland Paris, Santa meets, decorating the house and finally getting my blinds and hopefully new floors!

After much deliberation I've decided to finally give in and get blinds, it was one thing I was leaving to last but I just can't cope with my net curtains any more. I can never get them to hang right and with bay windows I don't think I ever will, so my gorgeous new blinds are getting ordered at the end of the month with a Christmas delivery!

Another thing I've finally decided is on laminate flooring. As you may have seen in my previous house posts I've got a tiled kitchen, dining room and conservatory which don't get me wrong was always my dream but it's so cold in the winter! Not to mention I have four dogs so my gorgeous glossy black tiles always have dog prints on them. It's been something we've been considering for a while but I think it'll not only help with keeping a bit of heat in but not making my floors look permanently messy. I think I'm going to opt for a similar colour way tho but maybe something with a cosy wooden look this time around!

Christmas tree wise I've decided on a Disney themed tree (I know, no surprises there!) with lots of decorations we've purchased from our trips to Disney, a few custom ones and even a few of my sons favorite toys put on there too.
For the rest of the house I've decided this year is the year we're going to go all out. Lights on the front of the house, wreath on the door, tinsel up the stairs, at least 3 trees in the house and lots of yummy smelling candles. I've got everyone over for Christmas again this year, so I've already been on Pinterest looking for table layout inspiration!

Now don't hate but I've already finished my Christmas shopping AND started wrapping it! I love getting it done as I can't stand the shops come December and we always have so much planned that I don't want to spend the month stressing about what to buy, I can relax enjoy those Starbucks Red Cups and take in the atmosphere instead!

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